The Son Tay Raid

The Son Tay Raid was the greatest thing that happened in the Vietnam War.

-US Senator Jeremiah Denton, Navy Pilot, POW, Admiral,

Author of When Hell was in Session

“Should be read by every Special Operator”

-General Doug Brown, Commander of USSOCOM

Ranked in the top 8 most daring missions in world history.
Studied in professional military schools for its excellence in planning and execution.
It brought light to the dark world in which the POWs lived.

But this is not a history class textbook. This is veterans candidly telling their stories. For many of them, this is the first time they’ve shared this with their children and grandchildren.

And we need you to continue this work.

Because you know veterans, your mission is to help record the stories of the veterans in your life. Good stories and bad, they need to be recorded and–just as importantly–we need to learn how to listen to them. The goal is not to make them into heroes (they typically will be uncomfortable with that.) It’s to provide history for future generations that will want to know.

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